Teeth Straightening In Memorial, Houston, TX

A beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile adds volumes to your self-confidence. When it comes to achieving a straight and well-aligned smile, there are several treatment options, but none compete with the results of conventional braces. Le Blanc Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetics offers effective orthodontic solutions for teeth straightening in Memorial, Houston, TX, that can correct the alignment of your teeth and jaws. Considering the severity of your case and your aesthetic preferences, Dr. Kulic will form a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. With our state-of-the-art technology and skills, you’ll have nothing short of a beautiful smile. 

Benefits of Teeth Straightening

Despite the advancements in orthodontics, our dental professionals still prefer conventional braces for teeth straightening in Memorial, Houston, TX. This is because they can address several types of misalignment issues and offer reliable results. The benefits of having a straight set of teeth include:

  • Enhanced aesthetics: With braces, you can have a flawless, straight smile that enhances your overall facial appearance. 
  • Improved functions: Well-aligned teeth allow you to chew, bite, and speak more comfortably. 
  • Easy to clean: It is much easier to clean straight teeth with routine brushing and flossing. 
  • Less oral health risks: Having a straight smile decreases the risk of plaque accumulation, gum disease, and tooth decay. 
  • Increased self-esteem: A balanced and harmonious smile can boost your self-confidence in social settings. 

Types of Teeth Straightening Treatments at Our Facility

At our dental office, we offer aesthetic solutions for your orthodontic needs. Since conventional metal braces can be quite noticeable, we provide more cosmetically pleasing alternatives that improve your smile without causing much discomfort or stress. 
Porcelain Braces
Porcelain braces utilize the same orthodontic principles as metal braces, but they offer a discreet way to correct teeth misalignment. The brackets are made of durable porcelain that resembles the natural shade of your teeth. 
Lingual Braces
Lingual braces have the same design as conventional metal braces, except that they are placed on the inner surface of the teeth. With this positioning, we can discreetly align your teeth without compromising your smile aesthetics. 
Clear Aligners
Clear aligners are another innovative orthodontic solution for achieving a straighter smile without undergoing the hassle of metal braces. These custom-fit aligners fit over your teeth and gradually correct their alignment. 

Questions About Teeth Straightening?

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what our patients say

Staff was wonderful and very welcoming. The office itself is beautiful and the amenities are fantastic with extra comfy chairs, beautiful lighting, and Netflix on the ceiling to watch during your appointment. My treatment was done very quickly and painlessly, and anything that was quoted to me that wasn't covered by my insurance was offered to me at affordable pricing with payment plan options. Thanks to the staff for such a stress free experience.

Kristin Tureau

I’ve been a patient of Dr Katya since 2018 and I can say she is always striving to provide top notch service. Her new office has the newest technology and it’s super nice and modern. Her assistant Ruby, has been with her since I can recall, she is the best. What a team!

Jon Salido

Dr. Kulic is amazing in all respects! Not only is she a great and intelligent professional, she treats her patients with the utmost care and respect. She really tries to do what’s best for the patient in the most efficient and thoughtful manner. I would recommend her to all of my family and friends without any hesitation.

Lana Muranovic

Dr. Katya is the best dentist ever! So detail oriented and methodical. Really explains treatment well to her patients. I am a dentist, and she’s my dentist so that tells you how much I trust her to work on my teeth. She’s super thorough yet gentle. I love seeing her every 6 months! Finally glad that now I can consistently see her at her beautiful office!

Flash Dentspa

Really good dentist who understands how to treat your needs with patience and care. Personable, funny, professional, and friendly. Would recommend Dr. Katya to anyone! Also been using the Le Blanc at home whitening treatment and see my smile glowing more white! It works. In very satisfied with my services and will be returning.

Anastasia B

What Is The Procedure Of Braces

The process begins with a consultation, during which our orthodontist will evaluate your oral cavity, record dental X-rays, and determine the severity of misalignment. Depending on your needs and personal preferences, our Memorial, Houston, TX, team will suggest the best teeth straightening treatments to enhance your dental aesthetics. Before implementing the treatment plan, we will perform dental cleaning to remove excess plaque and tartar deposits. 

In the next appointment, we will bond brackets to the tooth surfaces and link them with a metal wire. The wire is secured with the help of elastic ties that are looped around each bracket. The metal wire and brackets exert gentle pressure on your teeth, slowly repositioning them into an ideal alignment. 

During the entire treatment process, we will schedule appointments at regular intervals to monitor the treatment progress. The overall treatment may last for 18 to 24 months. 

Schedule A Consultation

To know which type of teeth straightening options in Memorial, Houston, TX, will work best for you, schedule a consultation with our dental specialists today. Call us at (281) 888-0921 to book an appointment. 

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