Oral Surgery in Memorial, Houston, TX

Most dental issues can be addressed with conservative treatments, but some serious cases may require surgical options. At Le Blanc General Dentistry and Aesthetics, we offer a comprehensive range of oral surgery services in Memorial, Houston, TX. From tooth extractions and dental implants to complex jaw surgeries, Dr. Kulic and her team perform all procedures with detailed precision to ensure the best results. We also provide different anesthesia and sedation options to make the treatment process as painless and comfortable as possible.

Common Oral Surgical Procedures

During your initial evaluation at our Memorial, Houston, TX, practice, we will determine whether you are a good candidate for oral surgery. The type of procedure depends on your condition, oral health, and overall well-being. Our services include:

  • Tooth extraction: If a tooth is grossly carious, damaged, or mobile, we may remove it to preserve the health of adjacent teeth. The extraction technique can be simple or surgical, depending on the severity of your case. 
  • Dental implants: The insertion of dental implants is a surgical procedure in which we incise the gums, drill a hole in the jawbone, and secure the metal post. The healing period may last for 3 to 6 months. 
  • Wisdom teeth removal: Impacted wisdom teeth often require surgical removal under anesthesia. After extracting the tooth, we will place sutures and allow the surgical site to heal. 
  • Jaw surgery: For the correction of jaw misalignment and severe orthodontic issues, we perform jaw surgery (or orthognathic surgery). It greatly improves oral health and facial aesthetics.
  • Gum grafting: With this surgical technique, we can correct gum recession and restore the contours of your natural gum line. It significantly improves the appearance of your smile. 
  • TMJ surgery: Persistent pain or discomfort in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) may require surgical intervention for long-term results. 

Prepare For Oral Surgery with Us

We understand that undergoing an oral surgical procedure can be intimidating, but with our skills and expertise, you will have a comfortable care experience. Prior to the surgery, our team will provide special instructions to help you prepare for the treatment. They may include changes in medications, dietary restrictions, or pre-operative tests. 

If you have a known medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease, mention it to our team during your initial visit so we can plan the surgery accordingly. On the appointed day, we suggest bringing a friend or family member along to drive you back after the procedure. 

Questions About Oral Surgery?

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Staff was wonderful and very welcoming. The office itself is beautiful and the amenities are fantastic with extra comfy chairs, beautiful lighting, and Netflix on the ceiling to watch during your appointment. My treatment was done very quickly and painlessly, and anything that was quoted to me that wasn't covered by my insurance was offered to me at affordable pricing with payment plan options. Thanks to the staff for such a stress free experience.

Kristin Tureau

I’ve been a patient of Dr Katya since 2018 and I can say she is always striving to provide top notch service. Her new office has the newest technology and it’s super nice and modern. Her assistant Ruby, has been with her since I can recall, she is the best. What a team!

Jon Salido

Dr. Kulic is amazing in all respects! Not only is she a great and intelligent professional, she treats her patients with the utmost care and respect. She really tries to do what’s best for the patient in the most efficient and thoughtful manner. I would recommend her to all of my family and friends without any hesitation.

Lana Muranovic

Dr. Katya is the best dentist ever! So detail oriented and methodical. Really explains treatment well to her patients. I am a dentist, and she’s my dentist so that tells you how much I trust her to work on my teeth. She’s super thorough yet gentle. I love seeing her every 6 months! Finally glad that now I can consistently see her at her beautiful office!

Flash Dentspa

Really good dentist who understands how to treat your needs with patience and care. Personable, funny, professional, and friendly. Would recommend Dr. Katya to anyone! Also been using the Le Blanc at home whitening treatment and see my smile glowing more white! It works. In very satisfied with my services and will be returning.

Anastasia B

Recovery After Treatment

The duration of recovery after oral surgery in Memorial, Houston, TX, depends on multiple factors, including the complexity of the procedure. Simple tooth extractions often need a short healing period, but it may take 3 to 4 weeks to recover after a surgical extraction. It is normal to experience some pain, soreness, or swelling at the surgical site during the initial phase. We will prescribe medications and provide detailed guidelines to help you achieve a faster recovery. 


Do I Need to Be Under Anesthesia?

If you are concerned about anesthesia, you may discuss alternative options with your oral surgeon, such as using a local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia or requesting sedation throughout the procedure.

What Should I Consider When Deciding Whether Dental Implants Are Right For Me?

Dental implants are typically the best option if you have lost teeth or intend to have them extracted. However, you may consider aspects such as cost and the quantity of bone tissue in your jaw, which can be significant.

How Can I Relieve Pain? What Do I Do If I Have Pain Three To Four Weeks After An Extraction?

After the surgery, your oral surgeon will offer the essential medicine, which should be taken exactly as directed. Eat before taking medicine to avoid stomach issues. If you still have discomfort after a few weeks, consult your oral surgeon to rule out infection.

Will There Be Swelling And Bruising After Oral Surgery?

Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are normal after oral surgery and can last up to two weeks. Patients frequently feel better within a few days. Follow your dentist’s aftercare recommendations to reduce swelling and bruising.

What Do I Do If My Sutures Come Out?

Resorbable sutures [stitches that dissolve on their own] are commonly used, and it is okay if they come out on their own. Any excessive bleeding should be reported to your oral surgeon.

Schedule A Consultation

If you have any queries or concerns regarding oral surgery in Memorial, Houston, TX, contact our team at (281) 888-0921. We will provide personalized guidance for your oral care needs.

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