Hygiene Cleanings In Memorial, Houston, TX

Despite maintaining a diligent oral care regime, you may notice plaque deposits or stains on your tooth surfaces. These factors not only diminish your smile’s appearance but can also increase the risk of common dental issues. At Le Blanc General Dentistry and Aesthetics, we offer routine hygiene cleanings in Memorial, Houston, TX, to keep your smile bright, luminous, and healthy! With the use of special tools, Dr. Kulic will gently remove the stains and deposits on the tooth surfaces and eliminate harmful bacteria that may threaten your oral wellness. Our practice offers biannual dental cleanings to help you maintain optimum health all year long.

Why Is It Important To Get Routine Hygiene Cleanings

Plaque formation occurs on a daily basis within our oral cavity. It is a sticky film that consists of food remnants, saliva, and oral bacteria. If you do not maintain proper oral hygiene, plaque can harden into tartar and deposit around the tooth surfaces. Over the passage of time, it can lead to the development of dental cavities and periodontal disease. 

Thick plaque or tartar deposits cannot be removed with brushing and require professional help. That’s why we provide regular hygiene cleanings in Memorial, Houston, TX, that can help preserve your oral health by eliminating common risk factors. It is a painless, non-invasive procedure that typically takes a single visit. With these routine cleanings, you can maintain a radiant, healthy smile. 

Benefits Of Dental Cleaning

Routine dental cleanings are an essential component of preventive dental care that aims to protect your teeth and gums from common oral issues. A professional teeth cleaning helps avoid serious complications by addressing minor dental issues before they worsen. It also reduces the risk of tooth cavities, gum infections, and periodontal disease. After the procedure, you will walk back with a fresher breath and a more confident smile. 

During these visits, our dentists can evaluate your overall oral health and point out concerns that may require immediate attention. Regular hygiene cleanings enable our Memorial, Houston, TX, dentists to keep track of your oral health and take preventive measures to keep it at its best.

Questions About Hygiene Cleanings?

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Staff was wonderful and very welcoming. The office itself is beautiful and the amenities are fantastic with extra comfy chairs, beautiful lighting, and Netflix on the ceiling to watch during your appointment. My treatment was done very quickly and painlessly, and anything that was quoted to me that wasn't covered by my insurance was offered to me at affordable pricing with payment plan options. Thanks to the staff for such a stress free experience.

Kristin Tureau

I’ve been a patient of Dr Katya since 2018 and I can say she is always striving to provide top notch service. Her new office has the newest technology and it’s super nice and modern. Her assistant Ruby, has been with her since I can recall, she is the best. What a team!

Jon Salido

Dr. Kulic is amazing in all respects! Not only is she a great and intelligent professional, she treats her patients with the utmost care and respect. She really tries to do what’s best for the patient in the most efficient and thoughtful manner. I would recommend her to all of my family and friends without any hesitation.

Lana Muranovic

Dr. Katya is the best dentist ever! So detail oriented and methodical. Really explains treatment well to her patients. I am a dentist, and she’s my dentist so that tells you how much I trust her to work on my teeth. She’s super thorough yet gentle. I love seeing her every 6 months! Finally glad that now I can consistently see her at her beautiful office!

Flash Dentspa

Really good dentist who understands how to treat your needs with patience and care. Personable, funny, professional, and friendly. Would recommend Dr. Katya to anyone! Also been using the Le Blanc at home whitening treatment and see my smile glowing more white! It works. In very satisfied with my services and will be returning.

Anastasia B

Steps of Hygiene Cleanings at Our Facility in Memorial

Our dentists perform dental cleanings as a part of our biannual oral exams. At first, we will comprehensively evaluate your oral cavity to identify signs of any oral health issues. If you have any immediate concerns, we will address them before the cleaning process. 

Professional dental cleaning is a non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia. However, if you have sensitive teeth, we may administer topical or local anesthesia to minimize pain and distress. Using an ultrasonic scaling device, our dentist will carefully remove the deposits and stains on the tooth surfaces.

After a thorough cleaning, we will apply a gritty toothpaste on the tooth surfaces and polish them using an electric brush. For additional protection, our dentists may apply a fluoride varnish to increase the strength and resistance of your tooth enamel. 


Is dental cleaning painful?

No! Dental cleanings aren’t painful, but you might feel a little sensitivity during or after. The products used by our hygienist are stronger than what you get in stores, so they can make your teeth feel more sensitive.

Can dental cleaning prevent staining?

Absolutely! While it might not remove existing stains, regular cleanings can help prevent new ones. The material we use at our clinic is stronger than what you use at home, so it’s better at removing the buildup that causes staining.

How often do I need dental cleaning?

It’s generally recommended to get a dental cleaning every six months. But for some people, especially those prone to cavities or gum issues, more frequent cleanings might be suggested, like every three months.

What happens during dental cleaning?

During a cleaning, our dentist and hygienist will floss, brush, and polish your teeth to remove plaque and tartar, keeping your mouth healthy and your smile looking great.

Do gums bleed after a dental cleaning?

Sometimes. When your gums are irritated from built-up bacteria, they can bleed more easily, especially after a thorough cleaning. But this sensitivity usually clears up within a day or two.

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As a part of preventive dental care, our clinic offers biannual hygiene cleanings in Memorial, Houston, TX, to help you maintain a healthy smile. Call us today at (281) 888-0921 to schedule an appointment.

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